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Our Partners

Since 1992, IIK has admitted international students. Currently IIk has more than 300 international student alumni. In an effort to improve the quality of education and produce professional and quality health workers, the Institute of Health Sciences (IIK) has collaborated with several international institutions in terms of student and academic staff exchanges, educational scholarships, joint research programs and exchange of other academic activities, international institutions collaborating with IIK, including: Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), Baoshan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Dongseo University (Korea), Mahidol Unversity (Thailand), Taipei Medical University ( Taiwan), Fujian Unversity Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) and government agencies of the Ministry of Health of Timor Leste.

If you are interested in cooperating with IIK Bhakta, please contact us.
Email : pkhm@iik.ac.id

The flow of submitting an MoU from Internal is explained as follows:

  1. PKHM opens opportunities for parties outside IIK to send draft MoU tridharma and graduate recruitment.
  2. The MoU draft that has been sent by parties outside IIK will be studied further by PKHM staff together with several targeted parties, including Prodi or Faculty, Career Development Center, and Research and Community Service Center.
  3. The results of further studies from several parties mentioned above will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor 3 and the Chancellor.
  4. If there are revisions that need to be made by parties outside IIK after the draft MoU has been further reviewed, PKHM staff will return the draft MoU to parties outside IIK.
  5. The MoU draft follow-up was conducted by PKHM staff.
  6. The 2nd party made a revision.
  7. PKHM staff will submit revisions to the draft MoU from parties outside the IIK to the Study Program or Faculty, or the Career Development Center, or the Center for Research and Community Service, and the Vice Chancellor 3, along with the Chancellor.
  8. If several parties have agreed on the revised results from parties outside the IIK, and the MoU draft is appropriate and there is an agreement between the two parties, then PKHM staff and the second party will determine the schedule for signing the draft MoU.
  9. The MoU has been signed and kept by both parties.
  10. PKHM staff will save the MoU and recap it, to be informed at the Study Program or Faculty, or the institution / center concerned.