IIK Bhakta students won Pencak Silat at the Krida PSHT Championship in Kediri

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IIK Bhakta students won Pencak Silat at the Krida PSHT Championship in Kediri

19 Mar 2023 10:31 by Rizki Aprilia

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IIK Bhakta students once again made achievements in the pencak silat championship.This time the achievement was won by Syendriva Zeptyan from the Pharmacy S1 study program as 2nd place winner in the Male Adult category and Rizka Tri Hidayah, a Dentistry S1 student who also won 2nd place in the Female Adult category. The two students competed in the KRIDA PSHT championship at the Kediri City Branch of the PSHT hermitage, on March 18-19 2023.Syendriva is proud of the achievements he has made for IIK Bhakta. This student who is also active in Ormawa hopes that in the coming year he can achieve even higher achievements."Hopefully in next year's competition we will be able to give better achievements and make IIK Bhakta proud on the national stage," he concluded.

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