Spreading Health with Community Service.

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Spreading Health with Community Service.

31 Jan 2023 11:02 by Rizki Aprilia

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Tri Dharma college which consists ofEducation, Research, and Service have their respective roles to support the functions of higher education institutions.As a form of embodiment of the Three Pillars of Higher Education, IIK Bhakta carried out counseling on "Healthy Living to Prevent Degenerative Diseases" at the Mobile Brigade Headquarters in Kediri.Lecturers from the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Health Technology and Management explained the importance of managing nutrition and food intake.In addition, knowledge about medicines using the Get, Use, Save, Discard (Dagusibu) method is intended to make people more aware of drugs.Thus this community service activity is expected to be beneficial for Brimob members so that they avoid degenerative diseases.As a form of implementing Higher Education's Tri Dharma, namely community service, IIK Bhakta held socialization"Healthy Living Prevents Degenerative Diseases" at the Brimob field, Kediri City, Monday (30/01/2023).This community service was filled with three speakers from IIK Bhakta namely apt. Djembor Sugeng Waluyo, M. Kes, dr. Nita Damayanti, Sp KFR and Renny Nugraheni, SKM., MM. M. Kes. The hope of carrying out this community service is that members of the Kediri Mobile Brigade can live a healthy lifestyle so that degenerative diseases can be prevented.


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