Inauguration of RSGM IIK Bhakti Wiyata Structural Officer
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Inauguration of RSGM IIK Bhakti Wiyata Structural Officer

3 Mar 2023 10:00 by Totok Agung

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As many as 34 people, from the Committee to the Unit Heads at RSGM IIK Bhakti Wiyata, have been officially inaugurated and sworn in on March 3, 2023.The inauguration procession was witnessed directly by the Director of PT. HWM, Mr. Dr. David R Suhartono B.Comm M.M M.B.A., after being sworn in, all the new structural staff received congratulations from the invited guests. Congratulations on serving to all the new management of RSGM IIK Bhakti Wiyata.

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