COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign
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COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

22 Jan 2021 11:14 by Rizki Aprilia

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In order to support government programs in promoting COVID-19 vaskin, one of the supports is by installing COVID-19 vaccination twibbons. Let's download the twibbon of the Bhakti Wiyata Foundation:

After clicking the link above, do the following:
1. Click the Select Photo button
2. Select the photo you want to use on your gadget, then click ok
3. Adjust the photo to the existing frame
4. When it fits, then click Crop!
5. Wait for the download to complete
6. Click download
7. Done. Please post it on your social media

By jointly promoting the preparation for vaccination, it is hoped that the community will not see a negative view regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. Hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic will be resolved soon. Greetings from IIK Bhakti Wiyata for heading to Healthy Nusantara 2021.