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Professional Midwifery Education

Header Info Professional Midwifery Education


  1. Able to provide comprehensive and professional midwifery care that focuses on the uniqueness of women, to achieve healthy production, the achievement of motherhood, and the quality of childcare.
  2. Able to act as a communicator in providing information and education, communicating policies, conveying arguments/thoughts, or innovative work that is beneficial to families, communities, and professional development.
  3. Able to act as a mobilizer and community empowerment to improve the quality of life of the community, especially women, mothers, and children by utilizing the potential and available resources.
  4. Able to act as independent decision-makers in carrying out their professional work based on logical, critical, ethical, and systematic thinking.
  5. Able to play a role as manager of maternal and child health services, women’s reproductive health, family planning by paying attention to potentials and resources effectively and efficiently.