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Institut Ilmu Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata (IIK Bhakta) is very consistent in producing health professionals in Indonesia.  Thousands of alumni have spread across Indonesia. On the occasion of its latest logo rebranding, IIK Bhakta also introduced its latest mascots, BhaBha and Tata.


Bhabha and Tata are a pair of fish who are friends. As one of God's creatures, the fish can be compared to a "teacher for humans" because outwardly the fish always swims forward regardless of conditions and it never goes backwards. That means it inherits the attitude of never giving up and not giving up hope. These characteristics are exemplified by IIK Bhakta students. In achieving their dream of becoming health professionals, they always practice hard and never give up.




Bhabha plays an undergraduate student of IIK Bhakta Dentistry who is helpful, studious, tenacious, painstaking, critical but also humorous. He is always praised by his lecturers for his intelligence and is always active in class. In his daily life, Bhabha is identical to wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope. Bhabha also has many friends because he is always open with his friends and he is nicknamed "The Big Smile" because of his friendliness to everyone.




Tata is BhaBha's best friend. They are classmates but from different study programs. Tata studied at IIK Bhakta's undergraduate nursing program. As a nursing student, Tata is patient, helpful, diligent and always disciplined. Tata was nicknamed "Miss on time" by her friends because she was never late for class. In her daily life, Tata always wears a nurse hat and carries a pen and notebook because she likes to write. Tata is also friendly, sociable and humble.