Protection for Interns & PKL IIK Bhakta Collaborates with BPJS Kediri Employment
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Protection for Interns & PKL IIK Bhakta Collaborates with BPJS Kediri Employment

7 Apr 2022 13:30 by Totok Agung

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BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Kediri cooperates with the Bhakti Wiyata Institute of Health Sciences (IIK Bhakta) in the protection of employment social security for interns or Field Work Practices (PKL).This collaboration was marked by the signing of the MoU in the meeting room of the Adipadma IIK Bhakta Building on Thursday (07/04/2022).Prof. Dr. apt. Muhamad Zainuddin as Chancellor of IIK Bhakta said participation in the BPJS Employment program was like an umbrella for social security protection for internship students. It should be noted that IIK Bhakta has around 4,000 students and full-time internship students have been registered in the BPJS Employment program.Meanwhile, Suharno Abidin, Head of the Kediri BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Branch, said that this collaboration has been running since last 2019 and today we are extending the collaboration to improve employment social security protection for IIK Bhakta interns.The protection covered starts from students leaving for internships, all activities during internship education, until returning home. So that internship students are fully protected by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Through this participation, internship students will be protected in 2 BPJS Employment programs, namely Work Accident Insurance (JKK) and Death Insurance (JKM).The benefits of this insurance are also very large, such as from the unlimited reimbursement of all medical expenses, until recovery, according to the doctor's indications if there is a risk of accident in the internship practice. If there is a risk of death due to a work accident, the heirs receive JKK compensation of 70 million, while if the death is not due to a work accident (JKM), the compensation to be received is Rp. 42 million.It is hoped that the magnitude of the benefits provided can provide a sense of security and comfort to students when carrying out internship practices.

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