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S1 Hospital Administration

Header Info S1 Hospital Administration


The establishment of S1 Hospital Administration Study Program (S1-ARS) at IIK Bhakti Wiyata shows that this first health institution in Indonesia has always focused on providing quality health personnel.

S1-ARS Study Program in IIK BW also has advantages in Hospital Quality-Based Management. These advantages are based on the needs of hospitals in facing SNARS (National Hospital Accreditation Standards) era, JCI (Joint Commission International) and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 as well. These advantages make IIK BW graduates of S1-ARS Study Program become vital human resources in the scope of health services and improve health services, especially in Indonesian hospitals by paying attention to the quality assurance of health services and technological capabilities in this modern era, industrial Revolution 4.0.

In the implementation of S1-ARS Study Program, IIK-BW has entered the hospital in Kediri Residency and its surroundings. In addition, the existence of RSGM IIK and the plan to build Afiyama Hospital by Bhakti Wiyata Foundation provide opportunities for undergraduate students to do practical work directly at Afiyama Hospital or other hospital partners. S1-ARS graduates also get the opportunity to be recruited by IIK Hospital and Afiyama Hospital and other hospital partners. Careers that can be achieved after graduating S1 ARS (for details see infographic):

1. Middle managers;

2. Internal assessors;

3. Consultant assistants;

4. Innovative researchers.

Achievement of S1 Hospital Administration