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S1 Midwifery

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Becoming a midwifery professional study program that is competent, highly competitive, excels in complementary midwifery services, upholds human dignity, has a national perspective, and can adapt to the development of science and technology at the national and international levels in 2021.



  1. Organizing competency-based education oriented towards the development of creativity, ethics, and professional behavior and following the development of midwifery.
  2. Carrying out research and development in the field of midwifery that focuses on holistic midwifery.
  3. Organizing community service activities to empower the community and increase community participation in health development.
  4. Implementing efficient and effective modern management oriented towards achieving goals based on a quality assurance system and integrated information system management by upholding the PLUS culture (excellent in service, noble in character, superior in work, and prosperous in living together).