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Vision and Mission of IIK Bhakta

VISION OF IIK Bhakta Kediri 2025

To become an institute that excels in the quality of Tridharma management in the health sector based on the PLUS culture


HIGHER IIK Bhakta Kediri
  1. Organizing quality academic, professional and vocational education to produce superior health professionals.
  2. Organizing quality research to develop science and technology in the health sector based on the utilization of natural resources and national culture to support the development of education and community service.
  3. Organizing quality community service based on expertise in the field of health science and technology to empower and improve the quality of life and public health.
  4. Developing institutions towards efficient and effective modern management oriented towards achieving goals based on a quality assurance system and integrated information system management by upholding the PLUS culture (Prime in service, Noble in character, Excellence in work and prosperity in living together).